Amazing Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea image by River Tea House

Why regularly drink matcha green tea in Australia?

Are you wondering about the so called benefits of drinking matcha green tea every day? Many health experts recommend doing so and for good reasons. Having been around for thousands of years, its potency as a health supplement is well documented and have been the subject of numerous health studies.

So what exactly are it’s benefits? Before you head out and buy a matcha green tea set, which usually is made up of the matcha green tea powder and the matcha green tea whisk, you’d do well to understand what it is and what it can do for you. Green tea is sourced from a tea plant known for its medical properties in South-east Asia. While there are numerous types of tea plants in existence, the green variety undergoes no fermentation and less oxidation during production which helps preserve its taste and beneficial properties.

What’s so good about matcha green tea in Australia?

The key to the beneficial effects of matcha green tea in Australia lies in its rich quantities of a substance known as “EGCG” or Epigallocatechin gallate; a highly potent antioxidant that rid the body of free radicals that may encourage the growth of cancer cells in the body. In one study, a number of people who’ve been smoking for years drank a cup of matcha green tea for a period of 4 months. It was then found that their bodies displayed accelerated signs of recovery and reduced the amount of cellular damage in their bodies by approximately 30 percent. How awesome is that?

Of course there are other perfectly good reasons to regularly drink a cup of organic matcha in Australia. This includes reduced cholesterol levels in the body, weight loss and a healthier immune system. All the more reason to get into the habit!

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